Jeremy Renals

creative copywriter, technical writer

Jeremy is the Oxford Word Barber.

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Are you looking for a professional marketing copywriter or technical author?

With a strong background in maths and the sciences, I'm an experienced freelance technical writer for business in Oxfordshire. I'm skilled at researching, analysing and understanding difficult ideas - from road maintenance to radiography - and at making them clear. But that doesn’t make me dull, and straight ’A’s in every university essay isn’t the whole story.

If there’s a message I’ll be as creative a copywriter as you like.

My activities include:

  • web copy
  • white papers
  • billboard copy
  • mailer copy
  • press ad copy
  • radio scripts and adverts
  • magazine advertorials and news articles
  • technical manuals
  • bid proposals
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • magazine adverts
  • speeches
  • educational material
  • letters
  • rules and entry forms... fact just about anything that needs writing or saying to inform or persuade.


In 2016 I completed an 18 month project to write guidance on an electronic gadget for installers, and present groundbreaking computer technology to owners of the revolutionary Raspberry Pi computer.

At the same time I worked for over a year at Jaguar Land Rover, as part of a successful team transforming their HR offering. My role was to extract clear directions from unwieldy policy documents.

Also there's my two years in the front line with FFwd Precision Marketing, working with most media that a brand leader business would employ. My work has helped Toshiba Air Conditioning, The Eye Clinic, Accor Hotels, Marshalls Pasta and others.

Equally relevant is a year spent at Amey Infrastructure Services, responding to invitations to tender for multi-million pound staffing and maintenance contracts.

As a freelancer I’ve written the technical manual for a biodiesel processor, an advertorial for an X-ray scanner, and copy for a range of media promoting Business Link.

In 2006 I had a book on accounting published by Manchester University Press. This came after five years as a lecturer in business, where I’ve learned how to make a difficult idea simple, finding just the right way to get a message across.

I also worked in local radio from 1996 to 2004, at Oxygen FM and as a regular contributor on BBC Radio Oxford.

Other freelance clients include RDI resource dynamics international, where I overhauled their marketing communications to boost business.


I work as the Oxford Word Barber, trimming and styling your tangled documents, at the Oxford Word Salon.

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